The Quintessential Quiltalong

Do you check your QAL’s WhatsApp/Facebook groups to either share or see what everyone else has shared first thing in the morning? Or do you save this for when you can sit down with a nice cup of coffee and be a part of the conversation in the group, commenting and replying and 😍ing the… Continue reading The Quintessential Quiltalong


Draft your own diamond quilting template

Draft your own 4” finished diamond quilting template It’s really easy ! This template makes 4” finished size diamonds. Why 4” finished size? I needed it for a project of mine, and couldn’t find a printable template online for this particular size. So decided to draft one instead. And since I did all this work,… Continue reading Draft your own diamond quilting template

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Harry Potter Schultüte tutorial

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! Well …I tried ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I packed and sent both my quilts off to The Festival of Quilts, kept myself completely free for my sister’s visit, after which I didn’t even touch any other fabric, didn’t have any WIP project that absolutely had to be… Continue reading Harry Potter Schultüte tutorial

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A dream come true…

Every time I saw a quilt that was displayed at an award show on Pinterest, it took my breath away... my imagination running wild showing me images of my faceless quilt hanging there with my name Sindhu Aragam and country India right beside it. Ah, what a fantasy!

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A bigger rainbow in these troubled times!

Well , as troubled as these last few months have been ( the COVID 19 pandemic) , we have seen a few rainbows too... like, real actual rainbows ....sometimes even two rainbows at a time (and before you ask.... No, no one was drunk at the time!) ....and let’s not forget the fabric rainbow in… Continue reading A bigger rainbow in these troubled times!


Bollywood poster decoupage cabinet

Nostalgia! There can be no other reason in the world as to why I chose to make this - a shoe cabinet decoupaged with prints of hand-painted posters of old Bollywood movies. Though I love movies, I'm not a real movie buff. So it was a surprise to me too when I got hooked onto… Continue reading Bollywood poster decoupage cabinet

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Crocheted iPhone mobile bag

You're out on a walk...you get a call/ message...usually, you would have to take your phone out of the bag to see who it is...but not with this mobile bag. This crocheted mobile bag makes it easy to access the lock screen features provided by iPhone , thereby allowing you to see texts, notifications, time,… Continue reading Crocheted iPhone mobile bag