Herebelow are some of the quilts that I have made.

Rainbow Pockets quilt

A set of twin – sized photo quilts for my friend’s twins who wanted rainbow themed quilts … with quotes from movies and famous songs about rainbows scattered here and there

Hunger games quilt



Hunger games – catching fire

I designed and made this quilt for my friend’s Daughter, who is a big fan of the series.

I am a Griffindor

I designed and made two of these for another friend’s twin daughters. Both identified with Griffindor house . Being a Harry Potter fan, I have to say this is the quilt that I have enjoyed making the most! The last piece that I sewed in was “Mischief Managed” !

Kahkashan – a galaxy of stars
Photo quilt for a baby
Family quilt

I made this for my baby Nephew with the idea that the whole family is always with him, even though we are in different countries.

Bayern Munchen quilt

I designed and made this for my nephew, the Bayern Munchen fan. It has the German flag, the Bayern Munchen logo, motto, flag, a few of his favourite players , the names of all stalwarts in the team since forever, the Bundesliga teams ….

Re-creation of Continuum

Continuum  is a Jane Blair quilt. I came across it while surfing the net …. and just had to make it. In fact, I made two of them! I had a link to the original saved …but it doesn’t seem to be working now. When I saw this quilt, I felt it represents the affectionate upbringing parents give to their children.  So naturally , I just couldn’t resist making it for my parents.


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