A few of my designs…unfortunately I haven’t taken photos of quite a lot of them . I was too excited to gift it, use it ,  that I didn’t think to take photos! Better late than never, right? So here are the few that didn’t escape the camera…

Toothless the dragon hat
For my Nephew(who was toothless at the time I started making it), a Toothless the dragon hat from How To Train Your Dragon. Isn’t he so cute?!

A baby cardigan
A stashbuster knit for the new kid in the family

Superhero scarf
Superhero scarf
If the new kid gets a knit, how can his Brother be left empty-handed? I made him a superhero scarf and batman hat. The superhero scarf features the symbols of the Avengers and the Justice League and a couple of others.  He looks Super powerful in it, doesn’t he?😜


FC Bayern hat
He wanted to buy something at the FC Bayern store ! So I got him the patch, crocheted him a red hat and sewed the patch on. 😬

scarf and hat set
I just fell in love with this wool and immediately bought it and started knitting. In two days, we had a scarf and a hat set ! I just love the pops of Colour against the grey background ❤️

Mischief managed!
I’m a die hard Harry Potter fan! And so was my Daughter at that age .. we did the whole Harry Potter themed birthday party when she turned 11, complete with the parchment paper invites, Hogwarts cake, themed games, and return gifts! So how could we not have a sweater? Seems silly not to! 🙄 So here it is …mischief mananged! 😜


What do you do with the lonely balls of yarn lying around in your storage bins? Why, a stashbuster sweater, of course! Pick up your favourite sweater pattern, lat down your yarns to fix up the Colour flow, and start knitting!


A sweater for my dad…he loves the cable designs in knitting. So I chose this lovely design that fitted well with the browns in this wool. 

Stay tuned for more photos of my forthcoming projects.