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Catching Fire – Bloggers Quilt Festival



Hello everyone! Here’s my second entry to the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy’s Creative Side. If you haven’t been there already, please do so …you are in for a Creative treat!

This is a quilt I made quite a while ago for a friend’s Daughter, who is a great Hunger Games fan…aren’t we all ?! If you have read the books, you’ll know it is set in a time when life as such around you is very bleak, with not a lot to look forward to …..hence the grey tones in the quilt. Of course, the grey complements the bright orange-red tones of the fire perfectly!

IMG_4423The gaming arena in the book is shaped like a clock. That was the inspiration for the placement of the pictures on the quilt. There are exactly 12 pictures of the hunger games movies and quotes from the books and some collages of quotes, etc.. , set in a clock pattern. The center is a picture of an infographic of the Hunger Games, with some of the famous lines  “Let the games begin”, “May the odds be ever in your favour”, etc  I used Mid Podge photo transfer technique to transfer these photos.


I also added these images of the district logos randomly along the side where it seems that the fire is catching them. That was a fun design element to add.


The backing was this amazing fabric printed with mocking birds ….purrfect!! And I used the same fabric for the binding too

It is a queen size quilt , made with a combination of strip quilting and diamond piecing. The quilting was a simple diamond quilting all throughout the quilt, except for the pictures .

Thank you for visiting here. Please do visit the other quilts participating in the festival!

And to all the participating quilts, I say this  :

May the odds be ever in your favour




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