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Harry Potter quilt

Harry Potter quilt

20 years since the first book of the mind-blowing magical story of Harry Potter released to the world ….wow! And what better way to relive the magic than by creating the Harry Potter Gryffindor quilt!

I was introduced to the books by a couple of nephews….and was instantly hooked! They let me borrow a book that they had borrowed from someone….and I don’t even think it was the first one ….and within a week, I had bought and read all 4 books (that was how many were released by then…) …and was praying for the early release of the fifth! Of course, the time spent in waiting  for the fifth was not to be squandered….it was wisely spent in re-reading and re-reading again, and again..the four books on hand!

And then came along two twins who gave me an opportunity to mix my love for Harry Potter and quilting….a Harry Potter Quilt ! Needless to say, I was thrilled! Excited! Both twins were Gryffindor fans…so , of course, The quilt had to be Gryffindor Colours of red and gold! I played on the deathly hallows sign …so I chose to make a triangle quilt, with the photos from the movies and the quotes from the books in the circle within the triangle, and a line of quilting in the middle for the wand . Of course, each row had to have seven triangles …it is the magical number, after all! I hand-wrote all the famous quotes, sorting hat song, drew the sorting hat, etc on each of those circles .

And the last piece to be sewn in the Harry Potter quilt was ….”Mischief Managed” !

Harry Potter quilt

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter quilt

    1. Thank you! I’ve always loved sewing …made my own clothes and all. I wanted to make something for my 5 year old nephew ..clothes not being an option since I didn’t have his size. So I made him a Transformers quilt….only to have him say that it wasn’t the “right” transformers! That’s my story of how I got started! 😀

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