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Quilting the rainbow

Rainbow quilt

Finally done with my Rainbow Pockets quilt…both of them! I made them as a gift for my friends’ children – two wonderful twin girls who said they wanted a rainbow quilt. They might as well have said “make it as colourful as us” !

So herebelow is the journey from this (594 half-square triangles)…..

Rainbow quilt hst

……to two twin sized quilts, measuring 60″ x 84″

Rainbow Pockets quilt

Took me a month to finish both the quilts. The hardest and most boring part was ironing …iron the HSTs , iron after every join, every stitch ….really boring! Also designing the layout of the quilt such that there appears to be a gradient of colour from dark to light, yet maintain the presence of all colours throughout the quilt, not allowing any single colour to dominate the scene was a little bit of a challenge for me. I have never worked with such a bright assortment of colours and it took me a few tries of arranging and re-arranging the HSTs in a design that I loved.

The next challenge was moving it to the sewing table without disrupting the sequence. A daunting task, it seemed! Until I realised the solution was right in front of me! I was making a rainbow quilt….so I used rainbow coloured straight pins , pinning two at a time, in the VIBGYOR order , stacking them in the same order and moved them to the sewing table. I also retained the pins while ironing, and then laid them out in the same position as they were. And I worked on both quilts at the same time …I had the other set of HSTs right by my sewing machine, and duplicated whatever pieces were being joined. So I thereby saved a lot of time that would’ve been spent in laying out the pieces again in the right order.

This was the first time I added a label to one of my creations….a label of my own design, and personalised. Here is my label

And here it is, all sewn up

Quilt label

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